• One Minute Of Praise

    Sixty seconds of focused energy spent thanking, honoring, pleasing God - not asking, not questioning, not complaining - can change your situation. Darlene McCarty has captured the value of simple, pure praise in this gem of a book. She has taken the sometimes larger than life concept of praise and worship to a level of tangibility that anyone can receive and begin to act upon today.

    "Can One Minute of Praise change your life? You bet it can! Can you spare One Minute? You can't afford not to!" - Paula White, Pastor and Author

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Hi Darlene, 

I have Sooooo enjoyed your book:"One Minute of Praise!". It has literally been transforming.

I loved it so much that I gave it to my Aunty. However, I am wanting to go through it another time- deeper this time. Wishing you all God's best! He is a loving shepherd tending to out souls with heavenly tenderness.


Dawn Auerbach-Siemens

This I must share:

I just love being a blessing and when I purchased the case of books from you a couple of years ago, I began sharing them with excitement! Most ladies wanted to give money for them but my refusal was because of the blessings that I knew would transpire as a result of this must read.

Well on today, one of those ladies contacted me with tears flowing. She said that she read the entire book in one week and after finishing the Lord spoke to her directly and said READ IT AGAIN SLOWLY AND INTIMATELY TAKING NOTES IF NECESSARY. How in the world could She start over when she figured she had learned all she needed to know. She told me that she was so mistaken and this book literally changed her way of thinking and it took her one year to truly dive in and learn what was preventing her from One Minute of Praise.

In Chapter 7 she said you talked about Keys to Victory and the bloodline. She had placed so much emphasis on others and it prevented her from tapping into true victory in Christ Jesus. Instead of blaming others she knew that it was all because of Jesus and you reminded her of her worth to Christ through this book. One Minute of Praise gave and is giving her strength to keep pressing forward!


Yolanda Morris, Memphis, TN

I wanted to take this moment to thank you. Your book "One Minute of Praise" is wonderful. The past year of my life, I have encountered several obstacles. I had three mini strokes, I have a rare form of epilepsy and I was terminated from my job. I was denied my short term disability and I was denied for unemployment. For over five months, my daughter and I lived off the blessings of God. (smiling) Yes, It was God, because only he can do things like that. There was other things that helped me, but your book of praise was always in my hand. It opened my eyes to a new world. And I wanted to take the time to thank you. 

May God Always Bless You, 

Sullar Barfield, Berlin, MD

Ms. McCarty, I just wanted to write and let you know what a blessing your book has been to me. I recieved my first copy in 2009 and since then have given my copy away and re-ordered several times. I am currently leading a small group in my home called Pray, Praise and Paint! We get together and do a devotion and then an art project based on the devotion of the week. I have used your book extensively and my group has enjoyed your devotions so much. They decided they want a book of their own to refer back to so we will be ordering a few more books. Thank you so much for all the wisdom and powerful words! 

Your sister in Christ, 

Lora Dudding

Pastor McCarty:

Thank you for autographing my books. You hit it right on the nose for One Minute of Praise. That's me!!! May the blessings of the Lord overtake you and keep you as SWEET AS THE HONEY YOU PUT IN OTHERS LIVES! (lol) 

Sharon Bracy, Alabama

Dear Darlene:

Let me take a minute to thank the Lord for you writing this book. It has truly helped me during a very difficult time when my oldest son, a Pastor in AL passed last year. It has truly been a blessing. No parent or grandparent ever thinks that their children or grandchild will pass before them. I was given the book by my church and it has blessed me so that I bought more books and gave them to others. 

Valeria Ru’mmage, Crest Hill, IL


Just wanted you to know that your book,"One Minute of Praise", has been such a blessing. It has taken me to a whole new level of praise and worship!

Lavanda Salvage, Lexington, TN

Your book has been a true blessing! I have really been going though some tough things. My mom has been in the hospital for a couple of months. Throughout all that I have been going through, your book as given me strength and encouragement especially Chapter 32. Each day I press through and give God "One Minute of Praise" no matter what is happening in my life. 

Evangelist Saulsberry, Memphis, TN

Hi, Darlene. I am from the Philippines and while I was in Tennessee last month you book was given to me as a gift. I really like the book. Thank you for writing this book. 

Eleonor Catimbang, Philippines

I'm writing to share with you my experience yesterday. My mother-in-law just lost her sister a couple of weeks ago and it's been very difficult for her. She spent the last 9 months taking care of her. She passed from cancer. Her sister was an amazing woman of God and such an amazing person. We're comforted to know where she is now but that does not stop the deep hurt my mother-in-law is feeling. Anyway, I was at the Christian bookstore and I wanted to buy her a book that I felt would encourage her. The first book I picked up was "One minute of Praise." I thought it seemed fitting and I started reading through it. I have no idea how I overlooked the name on the front but was so excited when I saw your picture on the back. I felt like it was confirmation that this was the book she should read. It's crazy how I can move so far from home (Metro Detroit) and still be reminded of the great people in TN.  

I just wanted to let you know that your words will bring life to my grieving mother-in-law. She needs it right now. I've been reading it as well and am so blessed by the faith and strength you all showed through your journey. Be encouraged that God is using your book to impact people you will probably never meet. 

Thank you! 

Jennifer (Taylor) Galindo, Detroit, Michigan

Want to say a big thank you for your books--we gave them for Christmas gifts to our Sunday School class members (about 50 of them), and then gave to other friends and family. We've received so many comments about how these friends and family members are getting inspiration from your book!! And some are reading it more than once!! You're a blessing! 

Alice Sweazea, Cordova, TN

Dearest Darlene,

Before I go any further I must say I love you so much, you have enriched my life through your precious book "One Minute Praise". This book was passed on to me by a Missionary Friend going back to the States, for a long time it remained on the shelf. I lent it to someone who was very broken and she was so richly blessed, when it came back to me, I decided to read it myself and oh! what a blessings ever chapter is to me, I have this book with my Bible as a daily reading and I have gone over and over the chapters, most of it is brightly highlighted. It is such a rich blessing. How can I bless you enough for this book? The "One Minute Praise" was part of the library of an American couple who worked for a few months with YWAM.

I am British and have lived all my life in India, my parents were Missionaries here and they served the Lord all of their life, I have stepped into my Father's footsteps and I love to serve the Lord, He is my only delight!

I am 58 years old; My Dad Rev Reginald Courts passed on to Glory at the age of 87 and is buried here in Nagpur. The street where I live has been named after my Dad by the government in honor of his tireless service to the poor and needy, to the beggars and lepers, to the unfortunate and underprivileged kids, to the handicapped and needy ones. My beloved husband has gone to be with the Lord a year ago, I miss him so much and your book has everyday been a rich source of encouragement and strength.

Again, I love you so much for you have blessed my life.

With Love,

Joy, Nagpur, India

I wanted to share something with you. I have been giving your book out as presents to different people. I gave a copy to our daughter's 2nd grade teacher. She called me yesterday and told me that she remembered when you were on TBN back in 2004. She was battling cancer and you mentioned your book One Minute of Praise. She said she took the information that you gave for giving God at least one minute of praise everyday and since that time she has chosen everyday to praise Him on her way to work. The strange thing is that she remembered your first name but not your last. When she opened the present, she knew that it was an answered prayer to actually have your book. God is so good. I thank Him for allowing us to be able to buy copies from you so that others could be blessed by the word. Here it is 6 years later and Mrs. Lofties has just obtained what she says was the best Christmas present she could have received. 

Priscilla Williams, Memphis, TN

Dear Pastor Darlene:

I had to write this note to you! First of all Thank you for allowing God to use you to help people like me. I often pray at church, one night when I went before the Lord. I asked what would you have me to say to your people. God told me to tell them He has heard every prayer, saw every tear, and know every pain. God said to tell them everything they have asked for, every tear they have shed, the answers is in their praise, we need to learn to praise our way out of heart aches, everything we need is in our praise. 

A young lady that's on our praise team came to me and said," God want me to let you read a book I have." That Sunday she gave me the book. I told her I had to write you and tell you what that book means to me.

Now let's get to the book "Old My God" where do I start? I know let's start with Chase, I read and I cried, and I read. I felt like I know him. I feel your loss not pain but loss. We know to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and that is a good feeling to know all is well. Pastor Darlene I have loved the Lord since I was a child I am 54 now still loving for the Lord. I want so bad to live the life he has for me I am always seeking his face. I fear the Lord. I ask Him every day to give me more of Him and less of me.

The book helped me so much to better understand a lot of things that has happen in my life and why. I am so much stronger and wiser in my faith. I feel closer to God because of some of the things I have gone through. You Know Pastor Darlene what I want most of all is to be REAL with myself with God and not sell out on God no matter what, I Love Him so much. I have read "Praise Lifts you out of your valley" I had to read it two times there was something in there for me and it took me a minute to get it. "The purpose of Praise" that answered so many questions for me and now my child is asking me the same question because of you now I can give her understandable answers. Thank you! " Mountain Moving Praise" How I needed that one with the mountains of life."Putting praise into Action, that speaks for itself. And last the most powerful one of all Praise is your Weapon. That is so powerful and so very true. 

May the Grace of God forever cover you and your family. 

Terri L Hunt, Memphis, TN